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It all started on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 when a number of readers of a major Mets blogging and news site decided they wanted another option. Over the next few days, many thoughts were thrown around and a lot of ideas were put into motion immediately.
Mrose already had a message board on an unused site that he was willing to give to the cause, mainly as a temporary solution until something bigger could be born. For the first day or so, this was the main gathering area for the first members of this new venture.
At this time, the wheels were in motion for a number of ventures, including a completely new blog, and a domain name and the purpose of the name. On May 20th, one day after the initial ideas began, TRS began a blog site over at complete with gamethreads, news and great pictures with captions.
Soon, our own DirtySanchez teamed up with TRS in writing for the new blog, and they created the joint venture now known as The Real Dirty Mets Blog that you are visiting today. This blog was For the Fans and By the Fans as well, which meant that a few of the fans also were inducted in as authors to the site. This list of writers now includes a wide variety of fans, most of them with their own specialty in what they write about.
Late Sunday, May 24th, 2009, The Real Dirty Mets Blog as well as the forums that we were temporarily housing moved to and have been located here since that time. The Real Dirty Mets Blog is located at
Once this was set though, we were still left with many tasks, and luckily received help on one of them that put us at ease. Mr. North Jersey stepped up with a bunch of great custom graphics for our site that are now on display at NLEC and The Real Dirty Mets Blog. His time and amazing ability has made us feel great about the design of our site as well as any future needs.
We thank you for the help and the continued support of the site and ask that you please send any suggestions or criticisms as we strive to continue to make this site BY THE FANS FOR THE FANS.
Thanks again