Why?   Why are the Mets not playing tonight?   I need them now more than ever for I refuse to watch the ESPN Special on LeBron James and his choice of what NBA team he has chosen.  Frankly, I do care.   I just don't care for the theatrics and I will not take part in them in  any shape or form.     I'll just  catch the highlights on Gieco Sportsnite.So I have created my own top ten list of things I'd rather do than watch the LeBron James Special.   Feel free to add your own if you feel you need to do so.10.   Watch the same episode of Beer Money back to back.9.   Listen to a Jonas Brothers Concert8.   Clean out my neighbors gutters7.   Read The Notebook in French6.   Watch a Phillies game5.   Follow Oliver Perez's twitter account4.   Listen to We Built this City by Jefferson Starship continuously for 1 straight hour( no breaks)3.   Break three fingers2.   Fight a big  rabid dog with nothing but a plastic straw.1.   Watch the YES Yankee Classic game which the Yankees beat the Mets when Castillo dropped the pop fly in the 9th