The MLB amateur draft takes place starting Tuesday June 9th.   If it is possible to know less than nothing about something, I know less than nothing about the MLB amateur draft.   In my attempt to know more than nothing, I have discovered a few interesting and other not so interesting things along the way.   Here are a few of them:It takes three days."The draft begins Tuesday at 6 p.m. on the MLB Network with the first 111 picks, including Round One, Compensation Round A, Round Two, Round Three and Compensation Round B. The draft continues with the fourth round on Wednesday beginning at noon and then concludes Thursday."Stephen Strasburg is about to become very rich."The negotiations between the Nationals and Strasburg's adviser, Scott Boras, are getting crazy, and technically they haven't even started yet.People familiar with Boras' thinking expect the asking price to be $50 million, which would blow away the $10.5 million record for an amateur. While the best amateur prospects, such as Mark Prior, Mark Teixeira and David Price, all have signed in the $10 million range, Boras is expected to use Japanese import Daisuke Matsuzaka, who received $52 million from Boston after the Red Sox paid a $51 million posting fee, as the real Strasburg comp. Boras will argue Strasburg, who turns 21 next month, shouldn't receive anything less than the 28-year-old Matsuzaka (also a Boras client), that he is as good (or better since he's younger and throws harder) and that the dynamic is the same."103mph + #1 pick = $50,000,000The Mets don't have a first round pick."The inherent frustration of being a first-round wallflower undoubtedly will hit the Mets in the First-Year Player Draft. And when the Angels use what would have been the Mets' selection, the 24th pick, it might sting a bit. But the Mets need only look at one of their ninth innings to recognize that the selection they forfeited was the wisely met cost of importing Francisco Rodriguez."You can use hindsight to critique teams' past drafts.Website has every pick of every draft from 1980 through today so you can take solace that in 1983 when the Mets took 3B Eddie Williams with the 4th overall pick instead of Roger Clemens, 13 other teams passed on him too before the Red Sox took him with the 19th overall pick.   The Mets more than made up for that oversight though by taking Clemens' University of Texas teammate Calvin Schiraldi at #27.Thanks for 1986 old friendPeople conduct mock drafts whether all the mockers show up or not."New York72) Ryan Buch, RHP, Monmouth103) Ruben Sierra Jr, OF, Puerto Rico HSCOMMENT: The Mets director didn't show up, so I did this. Buch had one of the best arms still on the board, perhaps a bit raw for a college guy but the type of pitcher the Mets seem to be interested in. He is also local with a New Jersey connection. This is also an organization that loves raw tools types, and Sierra fits that category very well."The draft lasts up to 50 rounds, but may stop sooner."Question:How many rounds are there?Answer:Up to 50 rounds. Each Club continues to select until it makes its selection in the 50th round, unless the Club chooses to "pass" instead of making a selection in a round. Once a Club chooses to pass, it is precluded from making any further selections."That's enough information for me.   Any more and I would no longer be an amateur.