Today, we bring you our TRDMB's first Guest Submission.   This could bring a new aspect to the site for someone who can write a great editorial piece when the moment hits them.     Contact us if you would like to be a Guest Writer for the site.   Our first submission is from Jaded1983, enjoy!Fellow Mets fans, I bring you hope. I bring you optimism. I bringyou perennial post season contenders. How can I be so positive faced witha 7.5 game deficit, a 4th place standing, and seemingly no relief insight? The rash of injuries to face the NY Mets this year has admittedlyseemed to put the kibosh on any post season aspirations the fan base hashoped to see, however I believe this is a blessing in disguise. One thatwill enable us to reap the benefits for years to come.Let’s start off with last years NL and AL champions, thePhiladelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays. After years of struggling inmediocrity, both teams managed to contend all year long, roll through theplayoffs, and finally face off on the biggest stage of all. How did theydo this?The answer, quiet simply, is through young, home grown and affordabletalent. Tampa Bay’s years of struggling netted them a slew of homegrowntalented players. While Philly wisely utilized the same formula of the mid‘90’s Yankees by grooming Ace pitcher Cole Hamels, as well as 1B RyanHoward, 2B Chase Utley, and SS Jimmy Rollins in addition to smart FApickups like Brad Lidge and well timed trades in Joe Blanton.Buster Olney’s new article in ESPN Magazine "30 is the new 40," highlightsthe drastic shift in the MLB market. Aging and high priced veterans areobviously not producing like they once did in this presumably post steroidera, and a much greater emphasis has been placed on drafting anddevelopment.This greater emphasis will have a trickle down effect throughout theentire organization as "buying" talent is no longer the way to build ateam, (just ask the Yankees). Not having to sign expensive FA will notonly preserve payroll room for mid season acquisitions (sound familiar?)but will also allow the Mets to consistently draft high ceiling (and highpriced talent) which will save them money on the back end and also have apool of resources to draw upon in case of injury (hmmmm….), as well asgiving the Mets valuable trade chips. The caveat here is one key word,"patience." In a town that loves winners and lets those less talented knowour feelings can we, as a fan base, deal with the growing pains of youth?That’s something everyone reading this article has to ask themselves.Those fans in Philly and Tampa Bay had that patience, why cant we?Hang in there Mets Fans, there is light at the end of the tunnel!Admittedly our FO has been slow to react, but it seems like they haveembraced "youth" and with a young, talented core of Wright, Reyes,Beltran, Francoeur, Santana, Pelf, and K-Rod coupled with minor leaguetalent like Jon Niese, Brad Holt, Josh Thole, and Wilmer Flores, etc., ourwindow for winning and future looks bright. A less than stellar finishthis year, while not what we hoped for in Spring Training, will net us ahigher draft pick and help to rebuild what many critics call a depletedfarm system.2009, a year that started with such high hopes and expectationscan still be a successful season if we are willing to have patience andcommit to our youth. Are you ready to accept the challenge knowing what itwill take to reach the World Series?LETS GO METS! – Jaded1983