Something to talk about this morning.   These are the wagers I made on team over/unders for 2010.  Washington Nationals - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(158) Over vs. (159) Under Under 70 ½ (-105)Not sold on the Nationals   being that improved this offseason.   They're not as much an automatic out, but I don't think they've got more than 70 wins in them.Seattle Mariners - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(148) Over vs. (149) Under Over 83 ½ (-125)Seattle seems to be a popular pick to do well this year, and the division isn't that great. Missing Cliff Lee for an extended amount of time could hurt though, but they've still got King Felix, my pick for AL Cy Young.   I don't think they'll smash this number, but 84 wins isn't out of the question.San Francisco Giants - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(146) Over vs. (147) Under Over 82 ½ (EVEN)I think they've just got too much pitching to do that badly.   If a couple of their bats improve and get hot for even a small stretch, they should easily stay above .500.Philadelphia Phillies - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(140) Over vs. (141) Under Under 92 ½ (-120)A pick I'll probably be criticized for, but it's actually a pretty simple pick.   They just didn't improve that much, are probably financially limited from improving midseason should anything go wrong, and the division is  better.   They won 93 last year, I doubt they reach that much again.New York Yankees - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(136) Over vs. (137) Under Under 95 ½ (-120)Another controverisial pick given how many games they won last year, but many are picking the Rays and Red Sox to win a lot of games.   Chances are there will be a bunch of beating up on each other to lower all their win totals.   They also have some old players that could end up declining and hurting the total.New York Mets - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(134) Over vs. (135) Under Over 81 ½ (-105)Easy pick.   The Mets are an easy target lately which reflects the low number.   All their pitchers have proved they're healthy in Spring Training, and they have a very potent offense.   Personally, I think they can smash this number, but they're almost a lock for 82 wins.Chicago Cubs - Total Wins 2010 Regular Season(108) Over vs. (109) Under Over 83 ½ (EVEN)The Cubs had a lot of underperformers last year .   I think some of those bounce back and they are fairly competitive this year.   Zambrano and Lilly in the rotation are very talented.   This crop of players, much like the Mets, has competed in recent years sans 2009.   I don't know if they can win the division over Pujols and the Cardinals, but they'll be around in September and win more than 83 games.