Each day I seem to change my mind on what the Mets should do next.   Earlier in the year I had the philosophy that next year is the year to go for it.   My thoughts were it will be Jerry, Omar and perhaps one or more of the core's last year with the Mets if they don't win.   However, as thoughts leveled out I was back to "rational".   Thinking OK check on Doc if you can't get him then offer a fair price for Lackey if he becomes to expensive try and get 2 of the B starters and improve the offense.   However, last night I used my politican ability and changed my mind again.   What made the change?   Thinking about 2 completely different organizations.   The Yankees and Marlins.Today I say screw the safe theory and go get Lackey, Holliday, Molina, Gonzalez, Polanco.   Yes that will cost you 50 million and put you right on the luxury tax threshold.   That is the Yankee part of this plan.     If we win, will any fans of the Mets really complain about the money?   Where do the Marlins come in?   If the Mets do not win with these players then you start to trade off these players, some during August and some in the off-season.   No you most likely could not trade Lackey or Holliday.   But you could trade Reyes, Beltran, Frenchy, Molina, Gonzalez, etc.   So while you are investing a lot of money into the beginning of 2010 you would not be bound to all of that money in the future.Again, as always I reserve my right to change my mind tomorrow but for today have fun with it.