I had this dream - it was about the Mets.  They were playing the Phillies and Roy Halladay.In this dream I was on my way to the sports bar to watch the game with a friend.  The game had already started, and I was yelling at Jonathon Niese through my radio.  "Oh good, fall behind another hitter," I admonished.  "3-0, 3-1, 2-0, that's the way to get batters out," I sneered.It was already 2-0 Phillies as I arrived at the bar, I looked up as Niese walked another batter.  I greeted my friend with "There ya go, another walk.  Good Job," then shook his hand hello.The game settled in and so did Niese.  I respected his persistance despite not having his best stuff.  He pitched out of jam in every inning, then left for a pinch hitter in the fifth, still down 2-0.  I comforted myself by thinking I didn't expect a win against Halladay anyway.Then I dreamt Andres Torres and Kirk Nieuwenhuis found a way to get on against Roy Halladay.  Then David Wright hit a grounder right over the bag, which caromed of the outcropping of the third-base stands in a way that was too good to be true.  Torres scored, and Nieuwenhuis came all the way around from first in dreamy fashion.Manny Acosta pitched a perfect sixth inning of relief.  It was around this time that I knew I was dreaming.Bobby Parnell got out of not one, but two first-and-second, nobody out situations in back-to-back innings, with big assist from Tim Byrdak in the eighth.  At one point, it looked like the Phillies had taken the lead.  But the Shane Victorino was called for interference for sliding halfway into center field to break up the double play.  Perhaps a measure of revenge for the bogus interference call on Marlon Anderson against the Phils in 2007?  Even this dream couldn't be that perfect.I dreamt Josh Thole made one of the toughest defensive plays I had ever seen, hanging on to the ball as he staved off a tough, clean slide from former Met Ty Wigginton.  Ty's shoulder caught Thole flush in the face, knocking him nearly unconscious, but he still held onto the ball.  Then the Phillies fans gave Thole a round of applause as he walked off the field (silly, right?)Perhaps the craziest part of this dream was when Jordany Valdespin, just re-recalled from Buffalo to replace the injured Ruben Tejada, suddenly turned into Omir Santos.  He hit a go-ahead three-run homer off of Jonathan Papelbon for his first major league hit.  Then the man with the reputation for a bad attitude rounded the bases with a child-like grin he could barely contain.I knew for sure it was a dream when Frank Francisco got three outs before I barely had time to look up from my $3 Miller Lite.Then I woke up, still in a good mood.