During last night's debacle we had a conversation in the Real Dirty Dugout about issues with the 40 man roster and when oh lord when Ike will ever be sent down.  While talking with Oleo I decided to take a look today and give my opinions on any possible solutions to the mess we are in.  Keep in mind that negativity after a game like last night will be at an abnormal high and rational thinking low.First lets look at the 40 man roster itself.Pitchers: Johan, Dickey, Niese, Gee, Young, Batista, Hefner, FFF, Rauch, R Ramirez (15 Day DL), Parnell, Byrdak, E Ramirez, Mejia (AAA), Familia (AAA), Carson (AA), (Beato on 60 Day DL).IF: Davis, Murphy, Tejada (15 Day DL), Wright, Cedeno (15 Day DL) , Turner  (15 Day DL), V-Spun, Quintanilla, Satin, Lutz (AAA), Havens (AA), Flores (A+)OF: Kirk, Torres, Bay (15 Day DL due back today), Hairston, Duda, Vinny, Baxter (15 Day DL), Lagares (AA 23 years old), Puello (A+ 21 years old)C:  Thole, Nickeas, Johnson (AAA)Quick analysis, the Mets don't have a lot of fluff here.  The most obvious names in my mind are Josh Satin and Robert Carson.  These guys while they aren't bad depth, I don't think we would miss them in the long run.  Satin is 27 years old and has never really been more than a poor man's Nick Evans.  Carson is a little more troubling as he is a big LH but he is 23 years old and never pitched well above A- ball until this year in AA.  To his credit this is the first year they have placed him at reliever.  Carson would obviously be the more dangerous option.One thing that sticks out is how many of the guys who are on the 40 man who are not only not the radar for this season but may not even be ready by July of 2013.  I am sure other teams have this problem but we have  two guys in high A ball, and three in AA.   Flores, Lagares, Pulleo, and even Familia are not likely candidates until 2013 or maybe even 2014 yet we are stuck with them on the 40 man so call our 40 man our 36 man.In other news Jason Bay is set to return today and will most likely take Josh Satin with him.  At that point it might be necessary to DFA Satin and place 32 year old LHRP Justin Hampson on the 40 man.Hampson has pitched well in AAA especially to LH.  They should then DL Rauch and activate Hampson.  Whether Rauch has been suffering from injury or suckitude he needs some time off and the Mets can ill afford being down another guy in the pen.  Hampson is also a guy that can pitch multiple innings as he has done so on plenty of occasions before in the minors this season and would take some pressure off of Perpetual Byrdak.  I honestly think the only reason they have not DL'd Rauch is looking at the current 40 man there is no one to bring up.  You can't bring up Mejia or Familia at this point and the rest of the 40 man roster pitchers are either here or injured assuming they didn't want to go down the Carson road again.So moves for today, Jason Bay comes off the DL, Rauch heads to the DL, Hampson's contract is purchased and placed on the 40 man and Satin is DFA'd.  OK so what's next?Ike has to go.  I don't care if he says AAA won't help at this point it would help the Mets.  I know this year is about building for the future but you have Zach Lutz in AAA who is hitting .307 with a .413 OBP in AAA who can play a little 1B.  Bring him up for Ike and go with an odd rotation with the hot hand allowing Bay, Hairston and Lutz to see time vs LH.What that still doesn't solve is the issue at SS until Turner, Cedeno or Tejada return and looking through the system it's easy to see why they drafted one.  There's nothing there until you get to the lower levels.  It is time for Sandy to do what he is known for and supposed to do.  Go find some undervalued talent that can play SS.    As we said in the dugout Omar Vizquel isn't dead yet but he's still playing for the Blue Jays.  I am not saying him but there has got to be options available.  If it requires losing Carson to do it or placing Baxter on the 60 Day DL you can't have Jordany as your backup SS.Also, giving credit where it is deserved a poster over at MMO (EvenFlow) suggested the Mets check in on Derrek Lee.  Alderson has said the Mets have some money to spend and according to reports the semi-retired Lee is keeping in shape and still looking for the right team.  His RH bat and solid glove at 1B could be exactly what the team needs.  Would a pro-rated 5 million do the trick?So lets sum it all up.Bay up, Hampson up and on 40, Satin DFA, Rauch DL, trade for a backup SS, sign Derrek Lee....SANDY GETZ IT DONEZ PEICE A CAKEZ!!!