You know as well as I do how brutal the Mets have been---Personally,  I have had serious problems just watching or listening to them.I do feel, after Terry Collins made his proclamation regarding this road trip, that the Mets would turn it around.I'll tell you what, at 2 in the morning I would have felt more like a fool than anything having invested all last night only to watch them lose....which is my next point.Regarding last night's win, here is what I saw........The Mets that we have enjoyed the whole year.  The fight, the clutch two out hits, the hard base running, an occasional error and of course the nail biting win.But if was Terry Collins I would never, never go to Bobby Parnell to close out a game.  Literally, when he blew the save, I felt like throwing a rock at my TV.  Parnell not only failed to get the save, but gave up run without getting the second out and was lifted when he put a man on second base.Thank God for Scott Hairston who hit two bombs.However, Collins can't allow Parnell to take his team out of a game again.  At this point, the Mets are fighting for whatever life they have left and Bobby Parnell cannot be used in the Closer Role.  He may throw gas and maybe fool a batter with the new curve he's developed but in my eyes, he simply can't do the job.  Now I already know what your thinking....if not Parnell, who then?I won't give you an answer but I will give you an observation.The Mets took the lead in the top of the eighth inning and took the Giants out of the game, Jon Rauch threw 7 pitches in the bottom of the frame.  Why Collins didn't use him in the ninth is beyond me.  Rauch was dealing and the Giants were mailing it in.  As soon as Parnell came in, he immediately gave up two hits and a run. I knew at that point that the Mets were in trouble...and I was right.  It's obvious that Alderson is not going outside the organization for help so Terry is limited..I just think that he has to limit himself a little more and move Parnell away from the ninth...not good advice I know but he can't allow Parnell to give away games.Thoughts?