It's time to look back at my early January 2013 Mets timeline. The timeline was meant to be partially comical and partially realistic. On review I did get a few calls right. 


What do you think? What else would have made the Mets season more interesting?


The year ahead for the New York Metropolitans:


Jan. 4, 2013: Rumors abound of a big signing. It’s later found out Ryan Sweeny has signed with the Mets.


Jan. 8: Following the Ryan Sweeny signing, season tickets quickly sellout.


Jan. 11: Surprised by the sellout, the team decides to move the Citi field fences to add more seats.


Jan. 27: After the success of R.A Dickey’s first letter to Mets fans, Dickey writes a second letter which begins a secret affair with Mets fans, behind Toronto fans backs.


Feb. 1: Mets welcome back Chris Young. The team’s announcement reads “Third time’s the charm”.


Feb. 19: On the plane to Port St. Lucie, a flight attendant mistakenly gives Frank Francisco a different drink than what he ordered. He attempts to rip out his seat to throw at the flight attendant but fails. No charges are filed.


Feb. 20: Mets pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Frank Francisco doesn’t report.


Feb. 25: Mets position players report.


Mar. 15: Halfway though spring training, John Buck is hitting .099, while Travis d’Arnaud is hitting .375. That night, John Buck is named the Mets opening day catcher.


Mar. 21: At his home, Luis Castillo walks down a flight of stairs and sprains his ACL.


Mar. 30: Mets beat the Orioles, therefore clinching the Grapefruit League Title. Champagne is found in the locker room after the game.


April. 1: The Mets open their season against the Padres with the triumvirate of Duda, Baxter and Nieuwenhuis leading the team onto the field.


April. 18: Mets open their season going 10-6, scoring a total of 33 runs.


April. 21: Citi Field’s first sellout of the year, and it’s no coincidence that it’s Ron Darling bobblehead day.


May. 17: Johan Santana pitches a perfect game. Mets fans everywhere are in shock.


May. 30: Mets finish a four-game sweep of the Yankees with the Mets scoring a combined 40 runs, one more than they scored in the rest of the month combined.


June. 7: After John Buck’s average dips below .050, the Mets call up Travis d’Arnaud.


June. 14: Jordany Valdespin finally achieves the task of literally swinging out of his shoes.


June. 22: After Jenry Mejia and Jeurys Familia establish themselves as good relievers both suffer minor injuries holding back any further development.


July. 8: Matt Harvey finishes his first half of the season 11-2 with a 2.65 ERA, and is named to the All-Star Game along with David Wright and Ike Davis.


July. 14: The Mets beat the Pirates, leaving them in a three way tie for second place in the NL East with the Phillies and Braves.


July. 15: Learning from last year’s homerun derby, the NL captain chooses Ike Davis for the team. Ike is promptly eliminated in the first round hitting five homeruns, all of which go over the Shea bridge.


July. 16: All three Mets enter the All-Star Game and the National League wins 8-5.


July. 30: After a strong first half, Mets trade Johan Santana to the Rangers for Mike Olt.


Aug. 21: Mets lose their ninth game in a row leaving them firmly in fourth place in the division.


Sep. 1: Zach Wheeler gets called up and immediately dazzles, striking out 9 in his season debut.


Sep. 12: Lucas Duda hits his 20th homerun and strikes out for the 200th time this season.


Sep. 13: Jason Bay hits his 30th homerun of the season (not with the Mets).


Sep. 15: Mets are eliminated from the playoffs.


Sep. 19: David Wright hits his 30th homerun of the season and Daniel Murphy hits his 50th double of the season.


Sep. 29: Mets beat the Brewers as Jon Niese pitches a brilliant game finishing his second half surge. The Mets end the season with a record of 79-83, tied for third in the division.


Oct. 5: The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the wild card round, and join the Blue Jays, Angels, Tigers, Dodgers, Reds, Nationals in the playoffs.


Oct. 31: Mets 2.0 or as they’re known as the Toronto Blue Jays, lose to the Washington Nationals in the World Series, as Jose Reyes watches a Stephen Strasburg slider drop in for the final out in game seven.


Nov. 12: David Wright narrowly misses the top ten in MVP voting.


Nov. 14: Having discovered a knuckleball, Twins Mike Pelfrey rides it into a top five finish for the AL Cy Young Award.


Dec. 5: Manager Terry Collins is told he must at least contend for a playoff spot in order keep his job beyond 2014.


Dec. 12: General Manager Sandy Alderson announces the signing of Jacoby Ellsbury, Hunter Pence and Tim Hudson following the Baseball Winter Meetings.