I always get a chuckle when I see a player sign a contract with a new team and suddenly become so loyal and so changed.  Last week Reyes cut off his dreads to not only raise money for charity but to comply with the Marlin "grooming policy".I don't know what shocks me more, the fact that Reyes thinks his hair is going to fetch cash off of E-Bay or that the Marlins actually have a policy on how the players should look.Regardless, there he was on the MLB network cringing as some guy cut off each braid one by one.A whole new Jose Reyes right?Wrong.I wrote that I wouldn't boo Reyes when he returns to Citi Field and I won't- but I didn't say I would root for him....and I'm not.Jose Reyes better realize that when he gets to bat for the Marlins a couple of months from now that the applause he hears in the crowd will be gratuitous and free for the first at bat....maybe the first game or two.And then he's going to have to earn it.I'm not going to start  saying that the Marlins fans are poor fans if they boo Reyes.  I will say, however, that with the new stadium and new location, there will be a lot of new and young Marlin fans with very high expectations and very little patience.  Jose Reyes better realize that he has now become a long term mercenary.And just because he is wearing a new uniform doesn't mean he isn't going to be plagued with the same injury problems he had with the Mets.I don't care what the experts say about playing in warm weather,  Jose Reyes will always have to worry about that hamstring be it in Florida, Queens or the North Pole. The fact is,  a 98 degree day is not going to help Reyes stay healthy; and  neither will his new coach or  best buddy who just moved to third base to accommodate him.  Reyes services have been bought and the fans and ownership are eagerly awaiting their dividends.There will be a point in this season, mark my words,  when Reyes looks into the stands of his own ball park and sees and hears something he has never heard before......boos.  And all it will take is a hit-less streak, a ball going through his legs and even that nagging reoccurring hamstring  injury.It will be at that point, that pivotal point, that he'll realize that the fans in the seats want that double or triple every time he gets up and a stolen base after every walk to first.  After all, that's why he was brought there.  A bat to hire with legs to match, Reyes is now under the money gun to perform or be booed.It's to be expected.I wonder if he knows it yet.