It's time for the Mets to learn "what not to do"   from their cross-town rivals.  Jenrry Mejia is showing Met Fans and all of baseball that he could be a force to be reckon with.   This is a very delicate situation and one that the Mets have not had in a long time.   This 20 year old righty was throwing 94  Saturday during a Spring Training game vs the Tigers.   As of right now, with only 14.2 innings of work, he has a commanding 1.23 ERA.   His longest outing was last week against the Marlins when he went 3 innings and gave up no runs.   He could throw heat and  has a  cutter that has Met Fans   gushing.   Even our own Mr. Strawberry( who did look good Sunday Night on the Apprentice) compares him to Mo Rivera.He's got it all.   He's turning heads and he's making a case to come up North.Now what do the Mets do with him?  Whatever the Mets decide, I hope they look at the Yankees and do the complete opposite of how they handled a young phenom.I'm talking about Joba Chamberlain.In my opinion, the Yankees ruined Joba.   According to my Yankee loving father, he further  believes that Joba has lost his place on their pitching staff.   Time will tell if he's right but as of now, who knows where this pitcher belongs.   He  might be as lost on the staff as he is on the mound.  Joba was   brought up as a set up man and as a Yankee hater, I just couldn't stand it.   He was dominate and well as intimidating.    Remember how the Yankees babied him?   They wanted to save his arm and with that came the "Joba Rules".   In reality, I think the Rules were there to save him from Torre's mismanagement of the bullpen.   I personally hated the "rules" because in true Yankee fashion, they also turned it into a mass money making merchandising scheme.In the past two years the Yankees have been indecisive of what they wanted Joba's role to be.    The  Yankees hierarchy decided, or maybe it  was Joba himself, that he would be a starter.   He's   been mediocre to say the least.   The moxie is gone from his presence on the mound and  last year he  very rarely went past the 6th  inning in his starts.This years  Spring  Training he has pitched 6  innings and has an ERA of 27.00.  I hope the Mets see this and realize that Mejia either should be placed in the  Minors to become a starter  to gain more experience or brought up as a set up man to K-Rod.    Honestly, I really don't care where they decide to place him.   If he is to be a set-up man, so be it.  I'll even accept the Mejia Guidelines  if it will help him develop into a great pitcher. If their intentions are to make him a starter.  Fine,  place him in the minors and stretch him out.  Just don't do what the Yankees did.   Give Mejie a role and leave him alone.   Make a   decision and  stick to it.The Mets don't need to look to far to see what indecision could cost them.