While we wait for Sandy to acquire a new starting pitcher and since there is no game today, I figured I would throw up a post to kill some time.There is a nice little discussion in another thread about different stadiums and some of their good features and I figured it would be nice for people to elaborate on this.Your mission is to list the MLB stadiums you have visited (even the ones that have been knocked down). Let us know your favorites and least favorites and the reasons why. List places you wish to visit. Also, how about listing some of the your favorite food items. Here is mine to kick it off:If you haven't been to a park , please list that as well. Maybe we can motivate some people around here to put together a RDM meet up at Citi this year. Where I have been:Shea Stadium, Old Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Petco Park, Turner Field, Veterans (old Philies), Citizens Bank Ballpark, Metrodome (Twins).Where I want to go:ATT/PacBell (I don't even know whats it's name is), and Camden. My favorite (while a am ducking and running away) is Citizens. It just has this open feel to it, especially when you are walking around. Food options are really nice, the only downside is it's in a crappy location of the city. Petco has that new stadium feel but on the 1st base side where I was I had to walk across small bridges just to get  food or beer. It was a really long walk.My least favorite was the Metrodome.It was cool to experience the place, but it was a complete cement bunker with crappy food options and facilities. The only reason why it beat out the other bunker in Veterans, is at least Veterans didn't have a roof and you can get some fresh air.Food: The garlic fries at Petco. There is probably 3 bulbs or roasted garlic on those things, they were incredible. Petco also won for beer selection but the downside was the food and alcohol were extremely expensive. A Newcastle brown ale was $9 a bottle.