Yeah it's sad that we are discussing this in September during a year that we had expected to at least be in the discussion for the wild card.  However, things happen and life moves on.  As the season has turned into a try out for some and an early rest for others, I think it is a good time to look forward.Obviously certain pitchers are in my mind a lock for next year.  First is obviously Ollie. Sorry I got distracted.  Poor Johan, Schizto Pelf, The Incredible Niese and Stand Up Dickey are all locks in my opinion (and most I am guessing).  So that leaves one spot in the rotation and at least 2 filler spots in either the pen or the minor leagues.First I hope Taka is one of those filler spots in the pen.  He has shown the ability to do both and is a very valuable guy to have around.  The question will be if he wants to start.  If so then the Mets will have to show him the money to get him to stick around.Misch I have no problem with being #7-8 on the depth chart.  If he will accept another round at Buffalo then get the cold weather gear ready.Who am I missing from this current group?  Mejia and Gee.  I do not believe Mejia is ready and could serve well to have another year in AAA as a STARTER to build experience and most importantly healthy innings.  This leaves one.Gee.  While we do not have an adequate MLB sample from this young man we are beginning to reach a cross-roads with the 24 year old (25 in early April 2011) Texas native who has logged a total of 426 minor league innings to go with his 7 innings of MLB experience.  Over that span he has a 3.76 ERA with a 1.18 WHIP and 8 K/9 with only a 1.8 BB/9.  What do you do with Gee.  Do you stash him in AAA for another year?  Allowing him to amass 600+ innings in AAA?There are rumors that are at this point just rumors about a cash flow problem for the Mets.  I for one do not believe them but to cater to those that do, Gee would be an inexpensive addition to next year's rotation and could most likely be counted on for something close to a #4-5 production.So the Mets have to determine two things.  One, are they trying to compete next year.  At this point I believe they should be but that's a different discussion.  Two, do they have to have a mid-rotation or better starter to add to the mix or will another 4-5 guy be enough?Lets assume that any quality mid-rotation guy obtained either by trade or FA will cost the Mets from 10-15M per year.  Lets also assume (now I am making an ass out of you and me twice) that the Mets will have between 10-18M to spend in new additions.  Should the Mets invest most to all of that money in one guy or try and spread that money around to fill spots like 2B, BP and pickup another 4-5 starter to throw into the mix?It's a shame, while a blessing as well, that Gee has most likely reached his innings limit for this year.  This will be just one of the many things to watch this off-season.