The NY Mets are now officially 1/3 of the way through the season with a 25-29 record. Looking back on how they reached this record you can argue that all things considered the Mets have done pretty well in just getting to 25-29.They came back from a horrible 5-13 start to reach .500. They have dealt with injuries to Bay, Pagan, Paulino, Young, Davis, Wright, Parnell, and Beato. They have dealt with ownership making ill-advised comments of it's players. Then you have what can be described as the "Sword of Damocles" hanging over the Mets with Irving Picard seeking to clawback $1B from Sterling Equities.In a year that some might describe as a transition year with players like Beltran & Reyes on their walk years. Ollie & Castillo era finally coming to an end. Krod's option possibly not vesting allowing him to go free agency. Add newly hired GM Sandy Alderson also having the difficult task of trying to put a roster together with a limited payroll that saw his most expensive free agent signing being D. J. Carrasco at 2 years $2.5M and most of his signing being 1 year deals (mostly minor league) in what in my opinion can be described as an attempt to keep payroll commitments confined to this year. You can start seeing the idea of 2011 being a transition year is not so far fetched.One of the early things that the Mets have shown is that they are not afraid to make changes if something is not working. Coming off a 2010 that saw Oliver Perez get paid $12M to sit in the pen and do nothing. This is something I don't take lightly.Here are 4 examples of players the Mets were not afraid to make changes when things were not working
  • Brad Emaus - Rule 5 player returned to Toronto 3 weeks into season.
  • D. J. Carrasco - sent to minors 4 weeks into season despite his 2 yr $2.5M deal
  • Chin-lung Hu - sent to minors after 7 weeks due to inability to hit.
  • Blaine Boyer - released 2 weeks into season.
Some may look at this as a negative on Alderson's decision to begin with for signing the above individuals. For those that feel that way you may be right. With the exception of Carrasco whom I feel based on the 2  year contract he got I too have to question what was Alderson thinking. The other 3 Emaus, Hu and Boyer I look at as low risk moves that simply didn't pay off.Some other moves that didn't pay off for Alderson are:
  • Boof Bonser - Tommy John surgery - out for season
  • Chris Young - Right shoulder surgery - out for season
Still in fairness there have been a few players that at least so far have been paying off as well. The 2 I would say most fans would agree fits with mostly being positive pickups with the least debate are:
  • Pedro Beato
  • Jason Isringhausen
Beato and Izzy along with KRod have helped provide the Mets  a slightly better than initially expected pen so far this year.One of the biggest arguments I hear regarding the Mets decisions this season has to be roster choices to start the season. The players most questioned when this topic comes up?
  1. How do you take Emaus over Turner?
  2. How do you take Hu over Tejada?
  3. How do you take Capuano over Gee?
All I can say is that unless I'm mistaken my understanding is when these decisions are made some of the things a GM takes into consideration is who has options and who doesn't and what is best for the development of a prospect. Did that play a part in the above 3 scenarios? I don't know.54 games down 1/3 of the season done.  When the Mets reach 2/3 of the season (108th game) it will be July 31st.  My guess is a lot of what may shape the future for better or worse may have taken place by then. Time will tell.Let me leave you with my best attempt to chronicle most of the player transactions that have occurred since Sandy Alderson has taken over back in Oct 2010.