Now with the Mets season finally having come to a close it is usually followed with the State of the Mets interviews by the Front Office, Coaches & Players looking back on what went right and wrong (mostly wrong in our case) as well as looking ahead to what may come.Among the many statements made one in particular kept being repeated for the last 3 days. I 1st heard it on Tuesday, October 02 during Terry Collins weekly interview with Mike Francesa. Collins says,
“We got to find some guys that are really willing to stay consistent with their approach at the plate. Not to try to change too much. We went a year and a half here where we led all of baseball with on base percentage, base on balls. Where we got on base. We created runs. A lot of two out hits.When we started to fade in the 2nd half guys got away from the plan. Started to expand the strikezone, started to swing at pitches they couldn’t handle. Again, it was human nature of the fact that everybody wanted to step up and be the guy to right this ship.What we got to do is maintain what we’ve done, what made us succesful. Stay with it and realize we are going to have a couple of tough weeks. Every team is going to have them but we got to fight through that. We got to find the right guys that are going to be able to do that.”
Then I heard it again the next day Wednesday, October 03 during a Sandy Alderson interview with Kevin Burkhardt. Alderson says,
"Offensively we got to get back to our approach. That I think we've had over a year and a half, and lost 2nd half of the season. Part of that means playing guys who have adopted that approach. We need a lot more power in our lineup. I mentioned some statistics where homeruns are really important in winning games and we just didn't get that from half our lineup or more. So that's something we have to address also."
Then again yesterday Thursday, October 04 during a Sandy Alderson interview this time with Mike Francesa. Alderson says,
"For a year and a year and a half, all of 11 and 1st half of 12. We actually had a very good offense. It was a combination, it was really an on base approach but we were in the upper echelons of National League in run production. It's not as if we had a lack of offense over the last 2 years. We had a lack of power and we need to correct that."
Do you see it? They keep putting out how the offense was actually good for the last year and a half up until the All Star Break this season. I decided to see if that was indeed the case and share the results. View Full ScreenTurns out if you look at the combined 2011 season with the 1st half of the 2012 season the Mets run production ranks 3rd best in the NL. They also rank 2nd in Hits, BA and OBP. The Mets not to much surprise though rank 12th in Homeruns. Which makes their being 3rd in Runs somewhat more impressive when you consider the Mets are the only team to be in the bottom half of the NL in HR's and be in the top half in Runs scored.Of course much of this is due to the great seasons Reyes & Beltran whom are no longer with the Mets had last season plus Duda's strong 2nd half last season as well. Then add the great 1st half Wright & Tejada had this season. Still considering their lack of HR power I did not expect to see them as high as they were in the rankings for runs scored.You can view a more detailed view of the NL combined hitting stats of 2011 and the 1st half of 2012 here.PS Just out of curiosity I also looked at the NL Combined 2011 & 1st half of 2012 win loss record with the understanding that it is not meant to have some type of connection to the teams run production since a key element, "pitching" has to be considered also. Again, just something for curiosities sake.View Full Screen