Peter Gammons stated that Jason Bay rather play in Beirut than in  Queens. (Thanks to Metsblog for the tip)   Great, I have no problem with this. Let him play there.   I know that the free agent process is a long and tedious one but I think it's time for the Mets to make a little stand here and put a deadline on this offer.   Enough is enough.  I like Jason Bay, I like his bat and his glove and I think he would  be a nice addition to the Mets,  he's good, but  notthat good.    Jason Bay is not a good enough player to try to convince to play in Citi Field and  I think   it is all to obvious that he doesn't want to play here.   So let him go, I rather play a kid in left field than a player who really doesn't want to be here.   The last thing I want to see is a  Jason Bay  with a face on as he tries to play left field  or bat     There are plenty of players out there looking for the opportunity-find them and bring them in.  I understand that the Mets do not have the financial or popularity power of the Yankees,  but the Mets need to have to pride here and give him an Bay an ultimatum.I completely understand that this is what happens when a team fails.   Free agents don't want to sign with a sinking ship.   (aka Roy Halladay)  However, the  Mets must go out there and  find player that wants to play in Queens.     There out there somewhere,  Omar has to look, and look hard.So Jason, go back to Boston and enjoy yourself.  I know that you never wanted to leave there to begin  with.    It was nice almost knowing you.