The news came out yesterday and it's bad for the Phillies.  Brad Lidge is out until the All-Star Break.  And even though they say he'll be back, that doesn't mean he'll be the same.So I'm sending a message to the Front Office and Sandy, DON"T RELEASE JASON ISRINGHAUSEN!Right now the Phillies, even with their "steller" pitching and hitting, are basically bottom feeders when it comes down to acquiring players.  If anyone tells me that they have a farm team ( which I know they don't because they pretty much traded it all for their pitching) I've got one name for them...Luis Castillo.  Because let's face it, there is no way in the world anyone wanted to even look at Luis unless they were pretty desperate and I think the Phillies were when they learned that Chase Utley might be out for a very long time.I'll say this, if the Phillies are looking for another arm, especially someone with closing experience, then Jason Isengrehausen would be the perfect candidate.  He's got the fortitude of a closer and is looking to pitch so I think the Mets have to be careful here.Thoughts?