Since 12:01  Thursday night, I've been maniac.   I'm checking blogs, websites, listening to radio stations, calling up friends and listening to anybody with any information about the Mets.  At  work, I found myself writing down possible line-ups and rotations.   I was calling up other  Met fans who, like me,  were chopping at the bit for any action.  The one thing that we all have in common is the lack of excuses for not picking up free agents and making trades, there is plenty of that going around.   I know it's never too early to discuss things like this but this Friday  was more significant than most for Met fans and I didn't realize it until  I drove  home from work.This had been the first meaningful day of baseball for Met fans since June.  June.   It's hard to believe that the whole season went by without anything....anything except the Jeff Francoeur trade.  We   endured bad games, heartache injuries, an empty stadium and even  a nightmarish  World Series to get to Friday.    I will admit that I was a little more  disappointed than usual when I  heard the Mets doing nothing yesterday except talking to some agents.   I'm trying to keep a level head but I  admit that  I'm overanxious.   I can't help it.I know something will happen,   I know these trades and free agent moves take time and God knows I don't want the Mets to make  a mistake because they want to grab the  back page for a day.  I just would like the  Turkey to taste a little better on Thursday...or  at least  know there is something to look forward to after the  New Year.    So before I begin to make my observations and comments  on what  the  Mets seem to be doing, forgive me if I seem overzealous for any  move.It's been a long time since this team mattered in the scheme of baseball.