There is nothing better than sitting down and watching baseball.   Well, actually there is.   Watching a lot of baseball.  Last night watching R.A. Dickey throw 7 innings of knuckle balls was a pleasure.   (What do  we think Oliver Perez is thinking at this moment?)   And just when I thought that the Baltimore might just get back in the game our own Animal, Chris Carter, makes the game a little easier.   Y'know what made the night better?Not just hearing about the Phillies getting pounded by the Sox.Watching the Phillies get pounded by the Red  Sox.   Nothing like a little bonus baseball courtesy of the MLB network.   If only the Yankees bought it as well, but hey, who cares about them right?   Well, a little icing on the cake is the Braves got edged out by the Twins 2-1.  So don't check the standings, don't get all excited, don't start planning for the Fall Classic  because   for all  I know,  the Mets can lose the next two games and the Phillies could get their  swagger back and the Braves could  rebound,  but for now, let's just enjoy the moment.It was a really nice Friday Night, don't you agree?