I get it, there is no joy in Mudville after the Mets were swept by the Braves, but maybe you can enjoy a few pictures from last nights Bison's game against the Pawtucket Red Sox. First of all, if you're ever in the Pawtucket R.I. area, you should take up a game in McCoy Stadium. A excellent park, with excellent fans and a lot of history. The longest game ever was played there and transpired over the course of a couple months (link about the game below). Greats from Dave Righetti, to Manny Ramirez, to Jim Rice, and any other Red Sox player that started their career in Boston has appeared there. Now to the game. Schwinnie pitched better than what his line suggests. There was never any threats and the lone run charged to Schwinden was due more to the Bison's catcher Lucas May missing a infield pop-fly. Bay was bad. Two strike outs and his one hit was a dribbler past a poorly positioned short-stop. Mejia had a good first inning but the second one he completely fell apart after giving up the HR. There was no control and probably 10 pitches thrown into the dirt. It was bad enough that time was called and Wally along with the trainer made him throw some pitches to make sure he wasn't hurt. Mejia wanted no part of the trainer and no part of throwing strikes. After a couple more batters he was pulled. Luckily the Bison's got a bunch of runs early and controlled the tempo and finished the game. Our seats were 20 rows back from home plate, but there was no-one sitting in the front row. So my friend and I got the opportunity to hang out behind the plate for a good portion of the game. I was able to get some great photo's and to say a crappy thing to Jason Bay. After the first half of the inning Wally was walking back to the dugout and I yelled “Hey Wally, call Sandy and tell him it's Harvey time”. He looked right up at me and gave me a smile and wink. Something tells me he already made that call. Later in the game (and luckily for my friend we were in our appropriate seats) in a dead silent stadium, Jason Bay walks to the plate and I yelled “Bay, time to hang them up, take the money and run buddy”. I got my voice loud enough that the center-fielder heard it. In his last at-bat we were 5 feet away from him and my friend kindly asked that I not say anything to him. That was fine by me, since he bought me 3 beers. Enjoy.     Longest Game ever played:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_professional_baseball_game