The Mets didn't lose last night, but they didn't win either and as I sat in my living pondering what to do with the evening, I figured it was time to reflect on exactly what has happened in the past two weeks.If the Mets want to send a message to their fans and build a future, then they HAVE to sign Reyes.  He wants Crawford money....give it to him.  I know all about how the Mets have to rebuild and have to restock their farm system.  But Reyes isthe farm system.  He came out of it and it is time for the Mets pony up if they want to be players in the big leagues again.Wright is out three more weeks...surprise, surprise.  I betcha he flew all the way to Cali to find out exactly what those doctors in New York already knew, that he has a broken bone in his back that takes 6 weeks to heal.Justine Turner is a keeper on every level. The Mets have to realize that if there is a fan in the stands who is as passionate as the one who was booted out of the stadium Sunday night for holding up a sign that said "Sign Reyes". Then they should really have their heads examined.  Here is a fan, who consequently writes for his own website on his own dime, who attended a game and is kicked out because he wants his team to win.  Yea, guys, keep kicking those fans out of games and your going to pray that those Phillie and Yankee fans fill the park when they visit Citi Field to beat up the Mets.The Mets are three games under .500, isn't it time for Fred to take the legs out from under them?I like Beltran, I hate Beltran.  I know he's playing his heart out for a contract.  Trade him now and if Alderson wants to, throw in K-Rod as well.I like the way Terry Collins fights.  He is becoming the driving force behind this team.  If they finish with a winning record or even contend, give him Coach of the Year.I want Derek Jeter to get his 3000 hits real soon.  It would kill me to see him get in at Citi Field.Dillion Gee can pitch.I think the hit that Cousins gave Posey was clean. I don't like the fact that Larry "Chipper" Jones weighs in on what the Mets should do.  Worry about your own team.Gary Carter is my favorite player to ever play for the Mets.  I have something written about him for later on this week.  Right now, my heart goes out to him and his family.I really want to see the Mets take two out of three from the Brew Crew.