During SNY's 3rd inning Q&A this past Thursday as the Mets hosted the Pirates. This is the reply I got from Bob Ojeda to the following question. With reports of late of what may be a lot of movement this offseason around MLB at the GM & Management positions. Assuming the Mets decide a change is needed are their chances of landing the next GM/Mgr for 2011 worsened by waiting till the end of season to start interviewing replacements.Thursday September 16, 2010 8:02 Mr_North_Jersey8:03Bob Ojeda: There is going to be a lot of movement, but I think it's important that they let the season play out. There could be a lot of things already going on that we don't hear about, as with any organization. The fact that we don't hear about it doesn't mean it's not happening, just that they're doing it in a professional way. And Omar Minaya has been conducting himself in a fine, upstanding manner while he's questioned constantly about his job.Earlier I posted a article (here) that suggests maybe Ojeda was on to something when he said "There could be a lot of things already going on".  The question then becomes with reports that possible Mets candidate Kevin Towers having had a 2nd interview with the D-Backs are the Mets moving fast enough?