spo_bs_washingtonnationals_1006Just under 6 hours from first pitch, here's a sampling of what's going on at some Nationals blogs:Over at Nats320 a well written nautical themed summary of yesterday's come from behind Nats victory.   If there is a blog out there that I can learn to be a better blogger by reading, it's Nats320.   Great and varied photos there as well.   Here's one of George Washington winning the Presidents' race. I only hope I live long enough to see Teddy Roosevelt win one of these things.img_1784Federal Baseball recounts yesterday's Nat fan agony over the on-again, off-again trade rumors swirling around 1B Nick "The Stick" Johnson.aagp019nick-johnson-2005-studio-plus-postersWilliam Yoder at The Nats Blog apologizes for a lack of recent entries due to his unfortunate bout with mononucleosis. Maybe to be safe don't click on that link.   Hopefully he won't end up here:monoeasta2Bill Ladson's MLB.com Nats blog has some of the latest information on injured Nats.Nick JohnsonScott OlsenJesus Flores