I'm glad that this Jose Reyes thing is finally over-even though I didn't like the outcome.  The way I saw it, the Mets didn't have a chance.  I think that no matter what Sandy offered Jose, the Marlins were going to counter.Look, mark my words, Jose Reyes will land up on the DL with another hamstring injury.  Don't think for a second that the warm weather of Florida is going to change things.  You can also mark these words, whether Miami wins or not, Jose Reyes will be traded before his contract is up.That's a sure bet.But did he have to give the Mets a parting shot?  Couldn't he just leave and thank the Mets for all the great memories?  I was going to clap for him when he did make his return but now I might have to think that over a bit.But it's a business right?  Jose did remind us of that this week while wearing a Miami Jersey.But nobody, and I mean nobody, reminded me that better than seeing Albert Pujols sign a ridiculous 250 million contract with the Angels.I mean here is a man that is worshipped in St. Louis and he walked away for 40 million dollars.  I mean when a team offers you 210 million, do you really need to hold out and shop for more?I guess so.See, in my eyes, Albert Pujols could've been the next Stan the Man in St. Louis.And he walked away!  So I'll quote Charlie Sheen from Wall Street when I'll yell out to Pujols:  "How many yachts can you water ski behind?"Which brings me to my final point: if Pujols can walk away from a city that worshipped him and a team that just adored him 40 million?  How can we expect the same loyalty from Reyes?You can't.It's a "show me the money" sport.Somehow, every year, I seem to forget that.And somehow, every year, I'm reminded.