Interesting article by the New York Times that talks about how many Venezuelan players have a chance to go North with the team 5 to be exact. They are Johan Santana, Henry Blanco, Francisco Rodriguez, Kelvim Escobar, and Fernando Nieve.It got me to thinking of how I am a Die-Hard Mets fan that just also happens to be Puerto Rican. I remember how back during the late 80's early 90's I used to argue with this one ignorant Uncle that questioned how I could be a Mets fan when they had no Puerto Rican players.I was still new to baseball at that time and other than Roberto Clemente I really didn't know any other Puerto Rican players but I knew that being a Mets fan had nothing to do with Nationality and everything to do with the Blue & Orange Uniforrm.I still remember how excited he was when the Mets signed Bonilla in 92. I guess he got what he wanted but us true Die-Hard Mets fans know all we got was one of the biggest busts in Mets history.Unless I'm mistaken the 1st Puerto Rican to play hailing from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico for the Mets was 2nd baseman Felix Millan back in 1973. The Mets got him along with George Stone in a trade with the Atlanta Braves in exchange for Danny Frisella and Gary Gentry on November 1, 1972. According to Ultimate Mets database in 1973 he did the following.
  • Led Mets in runs with 82
  • Led Mets in hits with 185
  • Led Mets in B.A. with .290
Sadly though he had a bad W.S. he hit .188 with 1 rbi in 32 ab's.He played for the Mets till he retired at the end of the 77 season.There's been many great Puerto Rican players since then of course to play for the Mets the latest being Carlos Beltran. Yet even though it's cool that Beltran comes from my birthplace in P.R. when I watch him take the field the last thing I see is Nationality but rather a great player wearing the Blue & Orange that is trying along with 24 other guys to bring a World Series home to it's New York Mets Fans.I don't talk to my Uncle much anymore but on those rare occasions that we do I just respectfully listen when he tries to tell me how he follows the team and roots for them. Deep down unlike him I know I will always be a Mets fan whether they are called the New York Metropolitans or Los Mets or 紐約專營授權. As long as they are wearing the Orange & Blue I will be rooting them on when they do good or booing them when they mess up.Lets Go Mets!!!