I'm not saying that the Mets had to win last nights game.   There is no way in the world that game 4 of a 162 game season is important.   However, as a Met Fan, I needed to see a game like last nights to kind of remember that the Mets can hit, and pitch,  and maybe hit some  home runs.   Most of all, I think I needed to see a game won by any pitcher other than one named Santana.Big Pelf   looked good, you have to admit it.    He was impressive for his first start.  And even though it took a while for the offense to kick in, it did kick in and it kicked in  hard.    It was good to see the Mets win a game that they should win.   The Nationals are going to struggle to hit and pitch and these are the games the Mets have to get fat on.   Last night showed that they are capable of doing so....even though for a while it looked like it might not happen.I didn't panic when the Mets lost to the Marlins. Was I concerned?   A little, but then again, I am I'm still trying to shake off last season.   Sorry, I just can't help it, but I am getting better.   But let's also remember that this team must get off to a good start and watching Niese( who pitched really well) not get any run support makes you wonder if the Mets are ever going to hit.   Last night kinda reminded me that this team is different than the one last year (at least we all hope so).This afternoon we get one of our own back.   This afternoon the player with the hop in his step and a smile on his face returns to the Diamond.   He might go 0 for 3 but he's back and that means that things might not get better but get a whole hell of a lot better.Reyes returns to the top of the line up this afternoon and to me, it's like Christmas in April, or a second Opening Day.