Over the past two days us generous folks at TRDMB held a fun contest to win a copy of Keith Hernandez' book "Shea Good-Bye" about Shea's final season. Today I'm proud to announce a winner! First let's check out the quiz and the correct answers (in parenthesis are the points awarded for each answer):"Can of Corn"1. In which year did the Mets play their first game? 1962 (1)2. Which two seasons led to Mets World Series titles? 1969, 1986 (1 per year)3. Which Mets reliever in the late 90’s wore number 99? Turk Wendell (1)"Middle Relief"4. What was the team motto for the 1985 season? "Catch the Rising Stars" (2)5. How many HRs did Todd Hundley hit in 1996 to set the single-season record for the most by a catcher? (Javy Lopez broke this record in 2003) 41 (2)6. Who were the three players in "Generation K"? Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson (1 per name)"The World Series"7. The Mets traded Tom Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds in 1977 for four players - name two of the four. Pat Zachry, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson, Dan Norman (2 per name, max 4 pts)8. In what year was David Wright drafted by the Mets, and what was his overall pick number? 2001, 38 (1 for year, 2 for pick #)9. How many seasons did Ed Kranepool play for the Mets? 18 (2)"Extra Innings"Name as many former/current Mets General Managers as you can!George Weiss, Bing Devine, Johnny Murphy, Bob Scheffing, Joe McDonald, Frank Cashen, Gerry Hunsicker, Al Harazin, Joe McIlvaine, Steve Phillips, Jim Duquette, Omar Minaya (1 pt per 3 names) - Sorry, but no extra points for saying Cashen twice!Phew! Alright, so everyone who submitted answers got every one of the basic questions correct, and 20 points in the process. It all came down to "Extra Innings" as it often does in baseball. Enough with the teasing though, here are your top 5 entries!In the 5 spot, our very own gipperPDX with 23 points! Hey, does PDX stand for Portland...or am I just a huge nerd?I'd love to do more of a countdown, but our top 4 spots all tied with perfect scores of 24 each: Wannybackstra, Ceetar, MetsFan4Decades, and SaltyGary!Of course, there can only be one winner! After inputting the results into a random generator, the winner is... CEETAR! Congrats and enjoy your book. There's no reason to fret if you didn't win though - I assure you all that more book contests are on the way!