It's been a while since our last post but minutes ago we got our latest addition to "According To Sources" courtesy of Andy Martino of the NY Daily News. Martino today reported that according to a source with direct knowledge of the talks "contract negotiations between the Mets and their two signature players, David Wright and R.A. Dickey, remain very preliminary, and have not yet advanced to the point of discussing years or dollars". Also that get this, according to the source they are “still talking about when to really get talking,”. So there you have it. The latest addition to "According To Sources".According To Sources History
  • 10/6/2012 - it’s conceivable Wright and Dickey will have new deals in place, at least in principle, by the time the World Series begins later this month.
  • 10/9/2012 - The Mets are expected to open negotiations with an offer for somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million for star third baseman David Wright.
  • 10/10/2012 - David Wright's camp intends to milk talks and draw things out until at least after the World Series, in hopes of reaching a better compromise at the last minute.
  • 10/13/2012 - Mets could schedule a meeting and begin formal contract negotiations next week & it's too early to tell if it's still possible for either player to be signed this month.
  • 10/25/2012 - Contract negotiations between the Mets and Wright & Dickey remain very preliminary and have not advanced to the point of talking years or dollars and they are still talking about when to really get talking.