I've been very tentative the last few days when it came down to discussing the Pennant race.    I don't know about you but the last thing I wanted was a rematch of last year's Fall Classic.  I been sitting back and letting all the Yankee and Phillie fans talk and talk and occasionally throw  a Met joke in regarding Golf.Since the moment I woke up this morning, all I've been watching it Giant/Ranger highlights from this weekend.So who's laughing now?  I understand the Mets are Light Years away from where the Yankees and Phillies are at this moment but this was a good weekend of baseball for Met fans.  Not only will there not be a rematch of last year but both the Yankees and Phillies end their seasons more questions than answers.I have to give some credit to my father-the Yankee fan.  He hasn't been excited about the Yankees since the Summer.  He didn't like how the offense would sputter out for days and hated the pitching.  He called the Yankees going out in the first round.  When they beat the Twins, he assured me that the Rangers or Tampa would crush them. In contrast,  I expected the Yankees to step up and be the storybook team they always are but maybe age and some real bad managing finally got the best of them.  I'll play a small violin.   I'm quite sure the Yankee checkbook will get a workout this off season.     But listening to my father made me come to the realization that I really hate the Yankee fans who don't know their own team-the guys or girls, who think the Yankees will win simply because they are the Yankees.  I'll leave my father alone, but I'm killing everyone else.  Don't worry, they expect and deserve everything they get.  As a side note, I loved watching A-Rod strike out for the end of the game and Josh Hamilton is just awesome to watch.When it comes down to Phillie fans, however, I'm going to make it my sole purpose to give them as much heartache as possible.  They'll  get no sympathy from me and believe me, they don't deserve any.  If you think the Yankee fans are bad, try watching a Phillie news station.  When they interviewed fans on Friday night, they were downright arrogant and why not, they were supposed  have the best three pitchers in the National League. I guess they don't now.   I honesty think that this was the year for them, the starters, the line-up, and the attitude just spelled out World Series.   I loved watching The Giants celebrate on the their home field.  Citizens Bank Park became a library with the only sound being the white Phillie hanky's hitting the ground.  As a side note, Uribe's shot is a double in Citi Field.  What the old saying, live by the sword?  That's what Phillie gets from playing in a bandbox.  And I better not hear that the Phillies are crying the blues when they have to start paying for players now that they traded 9 prospects in a year.  I don't want to hear it.   My father tells me that he would bet serious money on Jason Werth wearing Pinstripes next year.  I wouldn't doubt it.For the record, I will watch and enjoy the entire World Series, there will be history made regardless of who wins.  And when the Fall Classic ends and Thanksgiving rolls around, I'll load up that plate with a little extra Turkey and stuffing.