Call it media hype, selling papers or just plain stupidity.  But every year someone somewhere mentions a Christmas Tree free agent present a team is supposed to pick up.  A Free Agent that is supposed to solidify a team's spot in the post season, or just give the fans hope.This year, the Mets, like in past years, are not going to provide a free agent present for the fans.  On the contrary.  The Alderson and the Mets actually took a present away-if you believe some writers.It you didn't know better, it would be like Alderson turned into the Grinch and stole a piece of Christmas away from all of us in the Dickey trade.  Sent a Cy Young Award Winner away and left us coal in our stocking and burned down the tree as he went up the chimney.But as a Met fan, I believe that what Alderson has done this Off Season has been more, much more, than signing some free agent who is close to being over the hill.Let the GM from across town do that job.No.  What Sandy Alderson did for the Fans is that he gave us all Hope.Hope in the form of two very good young players that were the jewels of TWO organizations and making sure a great third baseman never wears another uniform besides the blue and orange.  In my eyes, when Wright signed his name to that contract less than a month ago, Alderson had his star for the top of every Met fan's Christmas tree.When Alderson picked up the best hitting catcher prospect Travis D'Arnaud (who was once the best prospect the Phillies had) and pitcher Noah Syndergaard from the Blue Jays, he put them in a big box with red wrapping paper and labeled it 2014.  And slid it right under that to another present that has wrapping paper on it from last year.  In that present, there is Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey just waiting to jump out and play....but not just yet, I think if I look real careful, there is a label that reads 2014 too.This Christmas Met fans, smile and look forward to Spring Training.And while your at it, hug your kids, wife and call up your parents.