So, the time has come, and its time for the first all star game voting Late May...which is a bit early, but that's another to Tom Singer at, the following are the leaders at each NL position:1st Base2nd Base3rd BaseShortstopCatcherOutfield
1.Albert PujolsCardinals842,058
2.Prince FielderBrewers427,284
3.Ryan HowardPhillies294,830
4.Carlos DelgadoMets158,953
5.Lance BerkmanAstros146,001
1.Chase UtleyPhillies675,596
2.Rickie WeeksBrewers401,918
3.Orlando HudsonDodgers314,103
4.Skip SchumakerCardinals223,197
5.Luis CastilloMets145,632
1.David WrightMets454,449
2.Bill HallBrewers371,950
3.Chipper JonesBraves281,540
4.Ryan ZimmermanNationals272,744
5.Aramis RamirezCubs260,529
1.J.J. HardyBrewers403,269
2.Hanley RamirezMarlins365,746
3.Jimmy RollinsPhillies321,098
4.Jose ReyesMets280,938
5.Khalil GreeneCardinals204,517
1.Yadier MolinaCardinals451,368
2.Jason KendallBrewers383,773
3.Ivan RodriguezAstros292,496
4.Russell MartinDodgers261,917
5.Brian McCannBraves227,564
1.Ryan BraunBrewers663,164
2.Alfonso SorianoCubs545,354
3.Carlos BeltranMets476,843
4.Manny RamirezDodgers442,763
5.Mike CameronBrewers432,034
6.Raul IbanezPhillies399,969
7.Corey HartBrewers397,001
8.Ryan LudwickCardinals348,768
9.Rick AnkielCardinals331,412
10.Shane VictorinoPhillies300,385
11.Andre EthierDodgers223,086
12.Jayson WerthPhillies217,670
13.Kosuke FukudomeCubs214,199
14.Matt KempDodgers209,668
15.Chris DuncanCardinals206,058
Results updated: Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Mr. Pujols has a ridiculous lead at 1B, and by a wide margin, as he deserves. I wonder what he considers a slump?   Is it possible an 0-3 game with a SAC Fly?   But here is the first disturbing bit of info from this update, a certain Adrian Gonzalez is not even in the top 5?As you can see, our own DWright has a decent lead in 3B, but it is a very alarming that Zimmerman is a distant 4th, with the season he is having, but that shows a lot for the lack of a Nats fan base.   Lets not forget the amazing bat of Mr. Bill Hall, batting a crazy .223 with an even more amazing .289 OBP! This guy is 2nd in 3B voting and within striking distance??Shortstop is another one where the Brew crew fans are ruining the vote, as the #11 SS in overall batting is leading the pack, all while the fans forget the impressive seasons of Guzman, Tejada, Ramirez, etc etc.   Once again..Hardy is burning it up like his Brewcrew counterpart with a .234 average.brewers_suck_sausageWe will skip catcher as its just a weak position and I'll give it to Yadier, as much as I hate Yadier F'in Molina.   With his decent offense and great defense, he can be an all-star in the weak position of catcher.Finally, the OF, where it looks like Carlos Beltran has a shot at being a starting OF as he deserves, but whats this? Again, we have another Brewer who should have no business near the top being in striking distance, and a guy in Soriano who is not having nearly his best season.   Phillies fans are upset, and with good reason that their new acquisition Raul Ibanez is in a appalling 6th place, and almost 300,000 votes behind 1st place.   I hate the Phillies with a passion but the guy has been carrying the Phillies, and making every WFAN caller scream about the Mets not signing him on a daily basis.I love the all-star game but this voting is ridiculous, I know the manager gets to fill out the lineup except for that final spot, but look how bad the Brewers are making this look.   They did the same thing last year when they voted in JJ Hart over Wright with the crazy campaign to vote him in.   The Mets are also not innocent in this, as last night at the game, when Omir Santos was batting, there was a "Vote Omir" banner above his name.   I love what the guy has done for us, but is he an all-star player? Not quite.i-love-hartUnfortunately I don't see the way they do things changing.   We can just hope that the reasonable fan base which watches more than just one team in the Midwest will prevail and vote in the deserving players.     This way, they force the all-star managers to choose them as a backup to a player who shouldn't even be in the same sentence with them, let alone an all-star game.   After all, the all-star game counts, so why are the leagues not putting out the best players?So with that, vote early, and often at , but lets do all real fans and players a favor and vote for those who are deserving.