R.A. Dickey has been pitching so well, he's been worthy of all kinds of unqualified praise.  So much so, that he inspired me to write a poem...an ode...an Ode to R.A. Dickey:Robert Allen Dickey is your given nameBut as R.A., you rose to fame As a youth, you invited a fightBut being born again set you right Never afraid of feats of harrowYou even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro Your swim across the MissouriDidn’t work out so well But you swam back to shoreEven though you have no UCL Your pickoff moveIs true and steady Because your elbow bendsLike a strand of spaghetti A right-handed pitcherFor Team USA You represented your landIn a courageous way Reinventing yourselfYou allayed your doubts With your new knuckleballYou piled up outs O R.A., you’re our favorite aceThrowing every pitch with a maniacal face You simply get better with every startPitching with brains and guts and heart An All-Star pitcher you will surely beIn a World Series? Maybe in Two-Oh-One-Three