I recently went through some posts on my old blog,"Mets Fan in Texas/Rocky Mountain Mets" (depended on where I lived at the time), and I came across a post that kind of suprised me.  I wrote it following a disastrous series against the Seattle Mariners at Shea in 2008.  You know the one - Felix Hernandez hit a grand slam off of Johan Santana, and the Mets were shut down by a journeyman named R.A. Dickey. So I felt the need to rant.Up until that point, I had only seen Dickey pitch for the Texas Rangers.  And he was a mess.  I won't go into detail, you all (or should I say "y'all") know the story by now.  That time he gave up 6 home runs in 3 2/3 innings?  Yeah.  Anyway, I was appalled that the Mets couldn't get to this guy.  So here's what I wrote:
R.A. Dickey may very well be the single worst pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball.  And he shut out the Mets.
So, to ease my guilty conscience, I want to offer R.A. a public apology:I was wrong.  You are not the worst pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball.  In fact, you are the best pitcher in the game right now.  You reinvented yourself, worked hard, and completely transformed your career in a way that very few in the history of the game have.  You are an inspiration.Mea culpa, R.A., mea maxima culpa.(And no, I'm not delusional.  I know R.A. has never read anything I've written.  In fact, pretty much no one read my old blog, which is one of the reasons I'm happily here.)