Cardinals’ Wainwright: I Had A Beltran-To-Yankees ‘Nightmare’


“I had a dream the day before (NLCS Game 6) that we lost, and we didn’t get to the World Series, and we weren’t the team to get him there,” Wainwright said Tuesday. “And he ended up signing with the Yankees next year. And the Yankees took him to the World Series.

“And I remember the gist of the dream was that he was sitting on a podium saying, ‘I’m so happy to be a Yankee and in the World Series.’ And I’m like, oh my gosh, it was a nightmare.”

I agree with the sentiment around Mets blogs, I am hoping Carlos wins his WS.  Not just because he was a great Met but because he is one of the greatest of all time and deserves it. 


But I digress.  I have seen many Mets fans over the years get up in arms about where a former Met goes once they leave the Mets.  I miss the old Carlos Beltran, I really do.  Fact is however, this isn't 2006 for either the Mets or Beltran.  Beltran had a great season and is only a few seasons away from potentially locking himself in as a HOF.  However, his ties for me with the Mets are done.  I appreciate what he did while he was here and he was one of my favorite Met players while he was here.  However, I really do not care at this point if he plays for the Yankees or really any other team.  In fact I prefer that it is an AL team so we have to face him less, he has less of an impact and he can extend his career.  As usual I pull for the name on the front much more than the name on the back.  If tomorrow Wright became a Yankee, so be it as long as in the long run the Mets benefited from it.  

Currently with Wheeler looking like a guy we can build around, the Mets benefited from Beltran.  Now I get to pull for him and not really give a damn where Beltran ends up.