Hey everybody!  It's time for(cue Johnny Carson opening music)............... Let's play GM.  I'm your host Gonzo Will.Welcome!  (cue audience applause)On today's show we have not so much as a surprise guest but more of one that we knew was going to pay us a visit.  Please welcome Andres Torres!(Andres walks onto the set with a frown)Hey Andres!  How's that calf feeling today?(Andres just begins to cry)Hey we're sorry about that but look at the bright side...Port St. Lucie has a lot of great discounts this time of year now that everyone's left.(Andre's breaks down again and has to be carried off the set)So folks on a serious side.  Let's start off by saying this;  given the history of the way the Mets handle injuries coupled with the history of Andres Torres, it may be a long, long, long, long, long time before we see this man in Citi Field again.Captain Kirk Nieuwehius is headed to Citi for tomorrow's game.(if he isn't already there)Here's is where we play the game of GM.  Yesterday on WFAN, Mike Francesa said that the Mets should go out now and drop a little cash and maybe pick up a salary dump somewhere in the league.  The name he threw out-Marlon Byrd of the Cubs.  He said that doing this would show the fans a little hope and maybe give them a boost to prove that Wilpon and Co. are out to improve the team. (because honestly, Scott Hairston is another injury away from joining Torres for bowling)What do you think?Should Sandy go out and search for a Salary Dump player for his Center field?  Do you think he should trade one of his prospects to get one?Here's another question:  What would YOU do if you were GM?  Would you bring up a Kirk from the Minors or are you going out and trading for a player?Finally, what about Marlon Byrd?  If he could be gotten for let's say..... a decent prospect, would you pick him up?And Hey! Thanks for playing Let's Play GM!  Be safe and drive defensively!See you real soon!