During my boring night last night I noticed a story on MLBTR:  Gary Matthews Jr. Wants Out  .   My first reaction after reading the story is well if you did not suck so bad then maybe they could find room for you.   Then I drifted to the idea that Matthews is a classic steroid type guy as far as his numbers go.   Then as normal my mind drifted to how could this help the Mets?   Granted I accept all of those previous points as true so his value is low and it has potential to blow up in my face either way.   However, Matthews is owed 23 million for the next 2 years.   That is roughly the same as our favorite whipping boy, Ollie Perez.   Would the Mets be interested in unloading Ollie for a bad OF?   Most likely not.   What about Castillo who is still owed 12 million?   The Angels have Kendrick,so there is not much need.   Unless they would consider moving Kendrick to 3B to take Figgins spot.     Would they be interested in working out an Andruw Jones deal?   Seems like this would be the most possible.   The Dodgers and Jones agreed to renegotiate his contract and then release him.   It allowed the Dodgers payroll room and Jones the ability to go play where he was wanted.   So on this boring day when nothing important is going on, would you be willing to A) Trade Oliver Perez for GMJR B) Trade Castillo for GMJR C) Take GMJR for near league minimum? D) None of the above, why the hell are we talking about GMJR?So, here is where Wanny comes on and tells me I have lost my mind and we go on and on all day and the rest of you pretend you don't exist while you laugh and wonder who actually has time to have such a spirited debate over something that will never happen.   But at least it takes our mind off the damn Phillies and Yankees.   And PS: will everyone PLEASE stop telling me who the hell to root for?