Ed Price from AOL Fanhouse (hat tip to MetsBlog) heard a rumor in the "lobby" that the Mets will acquire Edwin Jackson from the Tigers. He clarifies that this is not confirmed, just something he heard in the lobby - so please treat it strictly as a rumor for the time being. A Mets official is denying this acquisition, but I'll throw it out there anyway for the sake of conversation.Jackson, 26,   had his best year of his young career in 2009, logging 214 innings with an ERA of 3.62, a WHIP of 1.26, and a SO/BB ratio of 2.30. Jackson made $2.2MM last season and is arbitration eligible 2 more times, through the 2011 season.If the Mets obtained him and he pitched like he did last season, or maybe even better since it's a switch to the NL, it would be a great move. But if he regresses back to anything he's done in the majors prior to 2009, it would be a huge bust.Worth a shot - what do you think?