Earlier today I mentioned the fact that Galarraga had been DFA'd and could be an intriguing option for the Mets.This afternoon I bring you yet another DFA'd player that could find a role on the Mets.  This guy did not throw a no-no hitter so you may not have heard of him.  He is utility guy Steven Tolleson.Who?  No not Hu.  Steven Tolleson.Tolleson is a 27 year old utility guy that has experience at SS, 2B, 3B, LF, RF.  He is right handed and has shown to be a competent hitter.  In just 53 PA last season at the MLB level he posted
His minor league career gives a slash line of.284 .374 .414 .789 in 2400+ PA with a line of .332 .412 .503 .915 last season.As usual Oakland will have 10 days to decide what to do with Tolleson.  I think it would be a strong move by the Mets to add him to the mix of guys competing for 2B and utility guy and should not cost the Mets any prospect of note.