The Brewers have made it known they want a lefty power bat at first and so I am suggesting a Davis for Aoki deal (the emergence of Khris Davis and the return from suspension of Ryan Braun make Aoki very available). It saves the Mets about $1.5 million in 2014 and provides a .350 on-base percentage leadoff man. 



How an improved Mets lineup could look in 2014 


Ok lets ignore the part later in the article about trading Montero for Either.  That would sway this discussion a little too much.  Instead choosing to focus on Davis for Aoki.  I  mentioned Aoki as a great fit for the Mets weeks ago.  He's kind of like a poor man's Choo.  

Aoki's career slash line is: 

.287 .355 .399 .755

While the slugging lacks, he does have the ability to get on base and with the Mets aggressive base running style you could see 30+ SB.  He also, unlike Choo, has relatively neutral splits right to left and home and away.   Aoki has also proven to be an above average defensive RF as well.  He's scheduled to make a little under 2M this year and isn't a FA until after 2017.  

In this market, I can't see how it's an even trade of Davis for Aoki.   For the last 3 years Ike Davis has a total WAR of 2.2, -.1 this year and 1.1 the year before.  Aoki's last two years have accounted for a 2.5 and a 1.7.  One would think the Mets would have to add to the package. 

The Brewers threw about 28 people at the wall for their 5th starter last year so I would imagine any trade for Aoki would have to include a SP and possibly a 2B as well pending how much leash their going to give Weeks.