I took no heed of anything positive that came from the winter regarding Oliver Perez and his pitching.  It didn't matter anyway, because he struggled in the Winter League and now he is struggling in Spring Training.And I don't buy the old "it's only Spring Training and the games don't count" saying.Everyone knows that Perez has something to prove and yesterday only proved to me that the Mets should dump this sorry excuse of a player.  I'm sorry,  for 12 million a year, Perez should be able to hold down a watered down Braves line up to at least 1 run.  Especially, since Perez is already in "shape" from throwing all winter.Let's not even harp on the fact that he barely hit 84 on the gun and walked three batters in a row during his second inning of work.  The Mets say they're giving him until March 10 to prove he can start. I don't care what anyone says, if Perez can somehow find another 8 mph on his fastball, I'll eat my Met cap and jersey.   I think the Mets greatest fear is releasing Perez and and a team like the Phillies or Marlins pick him up and fixing him.  In my opinion, he can't be fixed, he can't pitch, he can't compete.  If a team picks him up, let there GM do the explaining.If they want to sell me on the fact that he could get lefties out, I'll lease that thought, but I won't buy it.  It's ok though, in a couple of weeks, he'll prove that he can't do that either.Personally, I want to see the Mets move on and rid themselves of this nightmare of a player.  Yeah, I am aware that the Wilpons might even have trouble making their payroll.  But watching Perez another year, or at least another Spring Training start, puts this team behind the 8 ball yet again.   I know Alderson stated that Perez has to make this team or he will be released.  I think in a couple of weeks we're going to see if he words stand true. Until then we have to watch Perez walk the ball park and stuggle around the strike Zone.How long do you think the Mets can continue to give Oliver Perez chances?  What are your thoughts?