God, I have a question and I would like to know if you could give me answer.  Believe me, I'll take any sign you give.No, it's not the meaning of life. Or if there is life after death.  Or who killed JFK.God, what did I do to deserve this torture from the team I love so much?Did I do something?  Did I  run over the Pope with a chariot or something? Or perhaps I said the Lords Name in vain several thousand times last season( or the season before that and the one before that and so on, and so on....) Because there has to be a reason why I'm being put through so much agony.  Perhaps years ago, (so many years ago) Fred Wilpon sold his soul to the Devil and since it was collected we are all doomed.I think Bobby Valentine said it and I must quote or at least paraphrase him on this  "Your never as bad as you think during a losing streak."  So you know as well as I do that sometime, somewhere, this is all going to end.  However, with Valentines statement being said...does that apply to winning too?I have no solution.  But I do have this to offer and for those of you out there reading this....Maybe you can lend some insight.Don't fire anyone......at this point you really put the blame on a single person.  Don't bring up Wheeler,( not that you could because at the moment this post is being written he is getting an MRI on some part of his arm).  Leave the team alone and let them work it out.You know what, I know what the plan is...I just figured it out.  This is a test right?  Yea, one of  those things you do to test the loyalty of the fans.  You take a fan base and make them watch them begin their second worst start in franchise history and then you sit back and see who jumps ship.Well, I'm not and I'm sure other fans aren't either.In my opinion, this was going to happen anyway...the "wheels falling off" so to speak. The problem, I think, is the painful realization that I(or maybe we) expected this type of play later on in the season rather than in May.Hey God, on second thought, hold on to any answer.There's another game on tonight.....and like all Met fans, I'll be tuning in.  So don't bother giving me a sign, I'll be rooting for my team again so I probably wouldn't see it anyway.