Dear God, sorry to disturb you but...So all winter long it was pointed out to me what an awful defensive LF Jason Bay was.   The discussion of his defensive prowess, or lack thereof, became so widespread that it led to a recalculation of UZR data that resulted in Bay's UZR rating going from a negative number to a positive number.This season, much discussion (well here anyway) has been about how much better Bay looks to us than his UZR seemed to suggest he would.   Using my disdained-in-many-quarters "eye" I see a decent LF out there and I cringe at how convinced I was 6 months ago that he was going to be batten-down-the-hatches horrible.Today I finally decided to visit Fangraphs and see in black and white the validation that Bay is actually a decent left fielder.   Let us say that the word surprised would not be strong enough to describe my reaction to what I found.   Currently Bay's defense is rated at negative 4.0, 13th of 17 qualifying LF.   God, please help me understand this.