If not the Mets, certainly the Radio City Rockettes would be interestedLate last night, just after TRDMB press time, Anthony De Rosa of the fine Mets-related blog Hot Foot posted that the Mets were in "serious" talks with the Cincinnati Reds regarding "Bronson Arroyo plus."   Please click on the Hot Foot link as Mr. De Rosa has additional information you may find interesting.Hot Foot's original source for that information was a tweet from Mark Healey of Baseball Digest, which I am unable to locate.However, Mr. Healey happens to have published a lengthy article yesterday about the Mets, so I can give him some props by linking to that article here. The following is an excerpt to whet your appetite to click through that link:"Is the mess of the 2009 season or the current state of affairs of the Mets all Minaya’s fault? Or is it the meddlesome Wilpon family ownership group (categorized by one former employee as "the well-meaning dopes"). Let’s remember the Wilpon group has played a major role in the management of the club since they bought a 50 percent share in 1987."UPDATE 11:45am: Courtesy of the infra-red satellite searching powers of our fine author Prismo, here is a link to another Mark Healey of Baseball Digest article in which he references the Arroyo talks specifically.