Sandy Alderson made the rounds on the Boomer & Carton show this morning here are some of the highlights from that interview.
  • Alderson said taking back control of the clubhouse was not their #1 priority.
  • Alderson said regarding Ollie & Castillo "I think that you know, before one makes a decision about players who been disappointing in the past you have to develop some basis for making that decision."
  • Alderson said regarding having to cut a player "I am not afraid to lose somebody simply because we're paying him money".
  • Alderson said regarding Backman "He definitely has a place in the organization and I would say at some point in the future he will probably be a major league manager." and "...he definitely will be back in the organization (minors) as a manager"
  • Alderson regarding free agency this year said "We have to be judicious and I think sort of surgical this year about our free agent participation."
  • Alderson said regarding Reyes playing out the year or getting a multi-year contract "Let's see how he plays."
  • Alderson says he feels Thole is "fully capable of being a starting catcher".
  • Alderson says regarding Pagan "We think he is an everyday guy".
Sandy AldersonWednesday, November 24th - General manager Sandy Alderson joined Boomer & Carton Wednesday, one day after introducing Terry Collins as the 20th manager in Mets’ history.Audio courtesy of