Sandy AldersonThursday, June 16th - The Mets GM answers tough questions on Jose Reyes, Jason Bay, and moreAudio courtesy of WFAN.comHere are just  some quotes from today's interview Joe & Evan did with Mets GM Sandy Alderson.On Terry Collins:
  • "I think he's been terrific and I think he's been terrific in a variety of ways. He's of course, came in with a reputation for some intensity and energy and I think that's been demonstrated but I think it's been well received and I think it's been within limits. I don't think that with the exception of one press conference I can remember him having post-game of, you know I think that intensity and energy has been really well directed. He's also surprisingly a very good communicator. I think in order to take the sharp edges off of that intensity you really have to communicate and he's done extremely well with that. Communicating with the players privately and within the clubhouse I think in the dugout as well. But also externally with the media. I think that what you see is what you get and why I've said it before is that he's very authentic. There's nothing there that you know, you don't see that exists underneath I think that Terry lays it all out."
On making Reyes an offer:
  • "We said that we will reach out to Jose at some point and I expect that will happen and beyond that I can't tell you."
On the possibility of seeing Reyes signed before this season is out:
  • "Well if you I think likely point out in your question. This is a 2-sided process and Jose may decide that he wants to test free agency. He may have other ideas but I don't know. You know I think that he's expressed his loyalty I think to New York and the fans of New York so you know we'll see what happens."
On the realistic possibility that Francisco Rodriguez reaches his vesting option this year:
  • "I don't dwell on that. Those are, it's obviously a big issue for us. Our payroll for next year is a big issue. Frankie's situation certainly will impact that one way or the other but you know at this point Terry is using Frankie as he sees fit and we continue to win games that this group has been great. So that's a situation that we will more fully address down the road."
On the possibility of being buyers and not sellers at the trade deadline:
  • "A couple of things in response. Number one. Getting guys like Ike Davis, David Wright and potentially Johan Santana back will serve the same purpose for us and be a huge boost. Whether that happens with all 3 you know later this month. Obviously it won't with Johan but once we get those 3 players back it will give us the same boost. Will we have the payroll to do something? My guess is if the situation arises with the Wilpons would do everything they can to make that possible. The other thing of course if were playing well presumably that means the fans have responded and maybe the attendance picks up and that incremental revenue makes the difference for us at a trade deadline. So lots of things could happen and lots of positive things can happen."
On if he is saying Mets fans should show up so there is a better chance to make a trade before the deadline:
  • "That's not a request that's just seems to me an obvious sort of factor in all of this. If were going to make a trade deadline deal either we dig down deep into the pockets one more time or you know there is other revenue that is available. So you know we'll just have to see. I'm not suggesting that Mets fans need to come out. I think Mets fans have begun to identify with this team. I think there's some additional buzz around the team and that's great and you know again, I hate to keep saying let's see what happens but I think that's how the season has developed and I think that's how we will all look at it going forward over the next few weeks."
On is there concern that when Davis and Wright get back that they could disrupt the chemistry of the team:
  • "I don't think so. I think that in David's case for example he's so integral to that chemistry that I wouldn't foresee that at all. You know it's going to alter the playing time for certain guys but you know we'll accept that risk gladly. No I think that the emotional lift that will come from his return and expected performance that he will bring. I think will all be positive. Your right to point out that in these transition periods there can be a little bit of disruption but in the long term and I mean through the course of the remainder of the season remember we got 90 games or so left. It will be real important to get those guys back."
On has there been any thought on sending Jason Bay to Minors a couple of weeks to rehab:
  • "It hasn't been thought primarily because, I won't say primarily but primarily we think that he is going to bounce out of this. You know, he hasn't hit well there is no question about that he hasn't hit for power. He has played good defense. He brings some other sort of intangibles to the game. I can tell you that it's killing him. Just you know his what's been disappointing performance from his standpoint. So I was very happy to see that he got the 2 hits last night and you know I think like a lot of other players that have gone through this sort of thing who knows what it's going to take to ignite him but I think that you know what I hope is that last night is kind of a harbinger of where things are going with him."
On does he view Ruben Tejada as the 2B of the future:
  • "Well I definitely see him as a player for us down the road and yes I can see him filling that spot at 2b. You know, Justin Turner has done an excellent job for us there . Daniel Murphy's played well there. Murphy is more of an offensive player. No I think that I wouldn't say that Tejada's been a revelation because he played there last year but he's done a great job and I think we expected him to play 2b well. He demonstrated that last year but I been very impressed with the at bats he's had. A little more disciplined at the plate than I thought he was. I think there is room for improvement there but you know I think there is the potential for him to be a very good offensive player."
On his thoughts on where Dillon Gee is and his ceiling down the road:
  • "I'm not smart enough to know what his ceiling might be but it is interesting to think about that spot in the rotation and what it's meant to us our overall record. He's 7-0 I think were 10-0 (indiscernible) and then you throw in the games that Chris Young pitched for us because Dillon essentially filling that spot in the rotation and it's pretty incredible. I mean Dillon's responsible for 10 wins 10-0. I think Chris was maybe like 4-1 or 3-1, 4-1 something like that during his starts not that he won all those games but we won those when he (indiscernible). What are we talking about? 13, 14-1 from that spot in the rotation? So Dillon really has been fantastic and I think you know not only in his own right but perhaps even because of his effect on the rest of the rotation. I mean if you think about what Dillon does basically is he mixes his pitches, he throws strikes, changes speeds and my sense is watching most of these games is that's what the rest of our rotation has been doing more effectively essentially since Dillon came up. Throwing strikes and mixing speeds and so who knows? You know, is that what a number one starter does? Illustrate for the rest of the rotation how it's done? In some ways it's possible that Dillon's done that over the last 6 weeks."