Earlier today Tim Dierkes from www.mlbtr.com published the list of both type A & type B free agentsthe following are the ones who either pique my interest or who I think  Omar will end up signing if he fails to make a impact trade or only is able to sign one quality type A guy.Rod Barajas ( catcher)Erik Bedard ( pitcher )- could be this years Livan HernandezJoe Beimel ( relief pitcher) - will need a setup man if J.J. Putz option is declinedCarl Crawford* - hey I can dreamDoug Davis ( pitcher) pitched   above average for the Diamond Backs this seasonChone Figgins( LEFT FIELD) - We would have the best defensive outfield in my opinionJon Garland - more than serviceable pitcher for the Diamond BacksRich Harden- ( pitcher) yes he is oft injured but I would take a chance on himAubrey Huff ( first base) more of a grit type of player but possibly overratedNick Johnson ( first base) his bat would thrive at Citi Field but there is always something ailing himAdam LaRoche - he might ask for too many yearsBrandon Lyon - always could use quality relieversJason Marquis - Staten Island boy makes good? - prove that this season wasn't a flukeXavier Nady ( left field) - he was a major part of why the '06 team thrived - but can he overcome mid season surgery?Will Ohman - see Joe BemielMiguel Olivo - good instincts as a catcher but is his bat a liability?Joel Pineiro ( pitcher) - if I were Omar i'd sign him in a heartbeat - a ground ball pitcher who would do well in our friendly confinesIvan Rodriguez - cuz Omar still has a crush on himJason Varitek - because Omar needs to fill his aging white catcher quota ( JUST KIDDING !!)Dave Weathers - HIS RUBBER ARM STILL HAS INNINGS IN ITBrandon Webb - if The D'backs decline his option he would be the perfect compliment to Johan!!Randy Winn - well he plays left field - we will probably settle for him ( sad but true )go to www.mlbtr.com and see the whole list and tell me if you agree or disagree