Baseball America has come out with its list of the top 10 Mets prospects, and here it is: 1. Zack Wheeler, rhp2. Gavin Cecchini, ss3. Brandon Nimmo, of4. Luis Mateo, rhp5. Rafael Montero, rhp6. Wilmer Flores, 3b/2b7. Michael Fulmer, rhp8. Jeurys Familia, rhp9. Domingo Tapia, rhp10. Cory Mazzoni, rhp Wheeler being at the top is no surprise; he's going to be at the top of everybody's list.  I'm a little surprised that Flores isn't higher than 6th, and that he's below Cecchini.   I suppose it means that BA believes that Cecchini has a high ceiling.  What Mateo is doing on this list, much less at 4, after one good season in Brooklyn is beyond me.  He's likely a top 20 prospect, and a guy that could rise through the system relatively quickly, but there's no way he's the fourth best prospect and second best pitcher in the organization.  I'm a little surprised that Montero is ahead of both Tapia and Fulmer; although he is much closer to the big leagues.  My final thought is why Mazzoni rounds out this list.  If they wanted a guy that was close to contributing they could have gone with Matt Den Dekker, Darin Gorski, or Wilfredo Tovar.  They also could have looked at Cesar Puello (still has great tools) or Aderlin Rodriguez. In addition to the top-10 list, BA also has a list of the best tools in the system: Best Hitter for Average: Wilmer FloresBest Power Hitter: Aderlin RodriguezBest Strike Zone Discipline: Danny MunoFastest Baserunner: Alonzo HarrisBest Athlete: Bradley MarquezBest Fastball: Domingo TapiaBest Curveball: Zack WheelerBest Slider: Luis MateoBest Changeup: Darin GorskiBest Control: Rafael MonteroBest Defensive Catcher: Albert CorderoBest Defensive Infielder: Wilfredo TovarBest Infield Arm: Aderlin RodriguezBest Defensive OF: Matt den DekkerBest Outfield Arm: Cesar Puello Honestly, there are no surprises on this list, with the possible exception of Aderlin Rodriguez having the best infield arm because I know that Wilmer Flores also has quite a strong arm.  The full write up, including a rather silly projection of the 2016 lineup can be found here: