You know what I'm referring to right?  You watched last nights game-as did I.You know why the Mets lost?Because there is no way they can sweep in Atlanta.Because Jose Reyes can't bat 1st, 3rd, 6th and 9th in the batting order.Because the Baseball Gods want to keep the Mets at .500Because Chipper Jones is the Anti-Christ to all Met fans-and even his replacements do in the Mets.Because K-Rod had to blow his second save against the one team that kills the Mets.Because Lucas Duda thought he was in little league and wanted to catch every ball in the infield.  Even if the ball was hit to third base, I'm convinced that Duda would have been there.Because the Mets are the only team that can lose this way.  A balked run home is like a perfect game in the Fall Classic, it happens once in a lifetime.Because you secretly like to be in pain around 10:30 and watching the Met game was the best way to accomplish this.Because you didn't sell your soul and become a Yankee fan.Because your a Met fan and nothing comes easy.Becasue regardless of what happened last night, you as well as I, will watch the game tonight!