So obviously right on cue TRDM server went down yesterday only to miss yet another freak occurrence for most but normal for the Mets events.First of all, this is yet another reason to fire Omar?   Not because Beltran got injured.   Not because he did it without permission.   Not because our trainers are the laughing stock.   The Mets can't have anything happen without controversy.   But enough about that.Today's question is now what?Do we assume that current reports by the team are true and Beltran will be back and playing by May?Do we assume that attention seeking reports are true and that Beltran had a much more severe surgery and will be out most if not all of the season?For me I have learned my Mets lesson.   Expect nothing while expecting everything.   As we suggested last year we have to assume that long run Beltran will be back thus you don't need to panic and trade the farm for a CF.   However, we also have to assume that short term he will not be back and will need an everyday major leaguer to replace him.   Not a scrub waiting for the cavalry.I propose to do the following.   Improve as many positions as possible with the remaining talent.   Also bring in another guy to push Pagan and give depth in CF.A) Sign LaRoche:   No more of this Delgado business.   I was for Delgado as a luxury to a healthy Mets team.   As a guy I am depending on? Run away.   LaRoche at 2 years does nothing to this team long term and it does not take away Beltran's position.A2)   Dammit twice.   OK so next option is Johnny Damon.   To play some OF AND 1B.     Or perhaps Hank Blalock.   I am not sure Blalock is an improvement over what we MIGHT get from Murphy but we need some insurance against our mights.B) Sign Orlando Hudson:   Yes I have been here before with you guys.   Yes I know Castillo may not be going anywhere.   However, IF his best offer is 3.5 million from the Nats?   We can improve 2B without long term damage to the team or payroll we have to do it.   What do you do with Castillo?   At this point why do we care?C) Sign Rick Ankiel.   No he does not want to pitch in NY but perhaps he can be convienced to play CF?   He does not have a lot of suitors at this point and slotting in CF for the Mets and then being the LH backup for Frenchy and Bay has to be enticing.If Ankiel is not an option things go down hill fast.   Perhaps you can't find a true everyday guy but there are a few trade options.C2) Try and complete the trade with the Reds for Arroyo and try to include one of their 3 CF (Taveras, Stubbs, Dickerson) who all were above average defensively last season.     If not then there are other options by trade.
  • The A's have Crisp, Davis and Sweeney all who have their best value as CF.
  • The Nats also have depth at CF and Justin Maxwell may be out of a spot.
  • Andres Torres with the Giants.   Not a prospect anymore but a guy that can field his spot.
  • Jody Gerut is a backup for the Brewers coming off a bad season.   He had an .845 OPS in 2008.
  • Felix Pie also lost his spot with the O's.   CF is obviously taken by Jones for years to come.
  • This one would be far fetch but Melky Cabrera.
D) Sign Molina.   It's gonna happen so...Yes, I sound a little like the guys who call in to WFAN or the people commenting on   I realize that if the Mets did A-D it would cost a lot of money.   However, with all the negative press the Mets have endured this latest news can't have fans rushing to the ticket office.